Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dominos Online Coupons - Australia

Updated: 24th February 2010

Here are the current Dominos online coupon codes for discounts when purchasing from Dominos Pizza in the Australia:


CODE: 91980
DISCOUNT: 2 sides for $5.00 (Coke, Garlic Bread, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Choc Lava Cake)


CODE: 49746
DISCOUNT: $6.95 Pick up (Traditional Pizza)


CODE: 55884
DISCOUNT: 2 Traditional Large Pizzas, 1.25lt Coke and Garlic Bread (Pick up) for $20.95


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NEWS: Dominos launches Pizza by TXT

Good news for junk food junkies - Dominos is offering pizza by via SMS.

Yes, if you get a passion for pepperoni when the pubs throw out, just go to your phone and send a message. Your pizza will then arrive from one of Dominos' 470 outlets just as you've dozed off in the armchair. There are a couple of safeguards - firstly, you'll need to register your full details online beforehand and you'll need to set up a 'favourite meals' list, which you can text to the shop. So texting 'hammered' could lead to a large pizza with extra cheese arriving at your door.

2,000 have already signed up during a trial of the service, so you'll not be alone in your gluttony.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

About Dominos Coupons lists the most up to date coupons for Dominos Pizza.

The coupons are for use when ordering, instructions on how to use the coupon are listed above.

The site is updated as soon as new coupons become available

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